Instead of dividing, Yoga always unites: PM Modi

PM Modi at International Yoga Day
PM Modi at International Yoga Day

Leads Yoga performance by 60K people in Dehra Dun

Prime minister Narendra Modi on Thursday led 60,000 people in performing the common Yoga protocol at the Forest Research Institute campus in Dehra Dun.

In his speech he said that Yoga is the way forward in reducing mindless tensions. “A fast-paced existence brings with it lot of stress. I was shocked to read that every year, almost 18 million people all over the world die due to heart-related diseases. About 1.6 million people lose the fight against diabetes. The way to lead a calm, creative and content life is Yoga. It can show the way in defeating tensions and mindless anxiety,” Modi said.

Putting to rest frequent religious connotations being attributed to yoga, he said: “Instead of dividing, Yoga always unites.”

“Tokyo to Toronto, from Stockholm to Sao Paulo, Yoga has become a positive influence…”

It was primarily at his behest that June 21 has now been designated as International Day of Yoga by the UN. The first one was celebrated in 2015. Indian embassies across the world celebrate IDY on a massive scale.

Modi spoke about the celebrations the world over in his speech. “Tokyo to Toronto, from Stockholm to Sao Paulo, Yoga has become a positive influence in the lives of millions,” he said.

President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, who is on a State Visit of Suriname also participated in the International Yoga Day celebration along with the President of Suriname and other dignitaries in Paramaribo. At Rashtrapati Bhawan in his absence a Yoga demonstration was held.


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