Now, Haryana moves to cancel Fortis licence

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State govt. is seeking to cancel the land lease of Fortis that got land on concession in return for keeping 20% beds free

One day after Delhi government cancelled the licence of Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh, Haryana has started a similar process for Fortis Hospital. State health minister Anil Vij has written to the urban development authority seeking to cancel the land lease of Fortis that got land on concession in return for keeping 20% beds free.

Fortis which was accused of making profit out of drugs and consumables in handing out a bill of more than Rs 15 lakh to the family of a 7-year-old girl who died of dengue has also been found guilty of some other misdemeanours by a committee formed by the Haryana government. On Friday Delhi government cancelled the licence of Max for declaring a living baby dead. The baby subsequently died.

Vij had, earlier described the death of Aadya Singh, the seven year old dengue patient as a murder and the government of Haryana has already announced that an FIR will be lodged against the hospital. He had accused the hospital of having made a hefty profit on medicines given, which works out to 108 per cent and for some consumables it was as high as 1,737 per cent.

Just before Aadya Singh, who had suffered more than 70% brain damage was taken off the ventilator after two weeks of hospitalisation, her father was billed Rs 1559322, including the price of 611 syringes – the figure would mean Aadya was given 43 injections every day – and 1546 pair of gloves. The massive accumulation of fluid in her body meant that Aadya would not fit into the clothes that she had come to the hospital in. Also included in the bill is Rs 900 as the cost of the hospital gown the little girl wore when she was taken out of Fortis to a different hospital where they would issue her a death certificate. The probe found the hospital guilty of not adhering to the leave against medical advice (LAMA) protocol that requires a hospital to provide transportation with life support for a patient who needs artificial help to survive.

Fortis had earlier said that all medical protocol had been followed in the case and all consumables are transparently reflected in records and charged as per actuals.