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Statins work, no matter at what age, says Lancet study

Statins reduce the risk of vascular events in older people, even those above 75 A meta-analysis has found that despite less evidence in the over...

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Celebrity fat-shaming increases negative attitude towards weight gain in women

Celebrity fat-shaming incidents increase womens’ anti-fat attitude, finds new study Celebrities, particularly female celebrities, are routinely criticized about their appearance, also called celebrity "fat-shaming". Although these...

Diabetes during pregnancy doubles risk of disease in children  

Children of mothers who had diabetes during pregnancy are at increased risk of developing diabetes before the age of 22 years Children of mothers who...

Hand hygiene initiative reduces hospital infections in Australia

The National Hand Hygiene Initiative reduced infections in 132 hospitals in the country Since its implementation in 2009, the National Australian Hand Hygiene Initiative (NHHI)...