Now, test sperm motility in the privacy of your own home


A US company has launched a kit that can test sperm motility through a smartphone-based platform

A first of its kind home sperm test was launched last week that helps you measure motile sperm concentration right in the privacy of your own home.

Medical Electronic Systems, a Los Angeles based technology company specializing in rapid Automated Semen Analysis, has announced the launch of  YO® Home Sperm Test. It is a video-based smartphone platform that has been cleared by the USFDA to measure Motile Sperm Concentration (the number of moving sperm). It is a critical factor in determining male fertility.  YO® has 97% accuracy.

Traditionally, concerns about fertility have focused primarily on women’s fertility issues. However, there is a growing awareness that men’s reproductive health issues also contribute to infertility. Growing stress, smoking, pollution are some of the many factors contributing to a decline in fertility.

A couple is just as likely to be infertile because of reproductive issues in the wife as in the husband. Yet the woman is the overwhelming focus of infertility related inquiries, socially, and in some instances, medically too. A man may not be tested until a full female work-up and treatment is unsuccessful, which could take a year or more.  This delay can often lead to loss of crucial time.

In order to address the problem of delayed male testing and to eliminate the stressful public nature of male sperm analysis, the YO® Home Sperm Test kit was developed by Medical Electronic Systems.

“YO® is both an accurate and private home test that provides a precise assessment of moving sperm concentration (MSC).  Testing moving sperm is critical in a home test because, with a clear video to back it up, the results allow the man to approach the doctor with clear evidence of a problem.  I see YO as a game changer in India and globally because of the profound need for a test of this type as a first step in the process of diagnosing male factor infertility in a timely basis,” said Dr. Vasan, a leading Uro-Andrologist in India . He is also Chairman of Manipal Fertility, President-Elect of the South Asian Society for Sexual Medicine (SASSM) and has recently been appointed Secretary General of the Asian Society for Female Urology.

YO® Home Sperm Test kit is sold online through the YO website or through AMAZON.


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